Medical Device eBooks

Medical device developers must navigate an ever evolving regulatory landscape and embrace an accelerated pace of medical device innovation. As a result there is increasing pressure on developers to speed their time to market while providing higher quality products, at less cost.

The American Medical Device Summit attracts some of the most innovative and insightful medical device developers and suppliers. In the build up to the summit, we took the time to sit down with some key players to gather their insights on medical device development, realistic simulation, design thinking, quality management, commercialization and speed to market.

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“It is a challenging time for medical devices because of significant changes in the healthcare environment. Cost containment is a high priority in all of healthcare and much of the innovation now focuses on creating efficiencies. In the past, the large majority of the innovation was focused on improving outcomes.” – Laura S. Whitsitt | SVP, Research & Emerging Technologies, Advanced Surgical Devices Division | Smith & Nephew

“The landscape for medical devices in the United States is changing rapidly, with an unprecedented intersection of political, economic and regulatory forces requiring manufacturers to be creative and agile in establishing and deploying business strategies.” – Brian Cousins | VP, QARA, Surgical Respiratory Care | Hill-Rom